I am so very pleased with the requests that you have sent our way during the past few months. As we move into the gray, gloomy northwest weather it is time to kick the stove into gear and warm the shop.

It is also time to renew our relationship with our friends at MindFly and bring, to you, new pictures of projects and wood species that will now be offered.

I have not been blogging enough to keep all informed as well as to promote our site so that you might more easily find us. I have to be honest and say that I would much rather make sawdust than shape “the blog” but you know the bitter/sweet thing is ever present.

The Bitter……Some of you may have read about some random shootings and killings in our area of Washington State. Well one of my dear friends was shot and killed while he did what he loved doing….carpentry. Once again we are confronted by hideous behavior and the complete absence of mental health services for families when they have sought support for a family member that is obviously on the edge. Please support any efforts in your area to enhance mental health services.

The Sweet…..memories of David and his love of wood!!