Timber Mantels creates Rustic Fireplace Mantels from a variety of woods including Cedar, Pacific Yew and Juniper.

Rustic Fireplace Mantels Inspired by Nature - In the Style of the Arts


Train Wreck Cedar Bar

We have had the wonderful pleasure of providing some of our TimberMantel old growth Western Red Cedar for the back bar at the Train Wreck bar and eatery in Burlington, Washington located in the beautiful Skagit Valley.      The size of the overhead beam is  12''x 12"x 22'. The timber bartop is 19' x 30'' [...]

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“How does it work?”

I am often asked "how does this work"?. Well this is one way. If you see a picture or two of a mantel that might work for you or if you have questions about wood, finish, shipping, costs, etc. just pick up your phone and give me a call. If I am unable to answer [...]

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Natural wooden fireplace mantels

I will most likely die with shavings/sawdust in my pant cuffs. Having a shop and tools left over from our log home business has given me the perfect space to saw logs and sand away on our fireplace mantels. May sound odd but I am enjoying doing a little as possible to the mantels so [...]

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