Snow, Snow, Snow! Our shop sits only 4-500′ above sea level but yet is in the foothills of the North Cascades. Today it was quite white with wet heavy snowflakes that covered the ground very quickly. So much so that our mantel logs can’t be taken to the mill for sawing.

Its ok in that we get to stay inside and work on the mantel orders  “on the board”. Even though we are all seeing a big slow down in the construction trades our orders are slowly making a comeback. Not to worry! It has given me time to improve the shop i.e. we built a mock fireplace for our mantels to sit on for their photo sessions. Soon to be visible for you all to see will be our wooden fireplace mantels, wooden fireplace mantles, log mantles (if I can lift them into place), rustic mantles, log and beam mantles and natural edge mantle shelf and shelves.

Received new Pottery Barn catalog today. They are selling short pieces of logs for end and coffee tables. If it sparks an interest….let me know. We have plenty to go around. May not be as expensive. A yew one would look good to go with the mantel….sell…sell…sell. Sorry—–

Its my entre’manur’ial spirit.

A t-shirt script I read—-“Department of Redundancy Department”