We get requests to do our free hand sculpting and are happy to do so. Sculpting is our term for shaping the mantel so as to appear worn or as if it were rubbing on a dock as it is being tossed about by the waves.

Some of the examples are in the following pictures from our gallery. such as these old growth cedar mantel and this Sitka spruce fireplace mantel. Each is very custom and is accomplished by us beginning to shape and then shoot some pictures and e-mail them to you for approval. At times customers have said that they want us to do more and give somewhat specific directions.

It is very much a collaborative effort that is most often satisfying for all involved.

If you have a request of a particular sculpting that would fit for your plan then by all means lets do it!  Here are some more examples of sculpted fireplace mantels:

Old Growth Cedar: Old Growth Cedar Mantel #9 , Old Growth Cedar Mantel Shelf #20, Old Growth Cedar Fireplace Mantle #25, Fireplace Mantel Shelf #28.

Sitka Spruce: Sitka Spruce wood mantle #9, Sitka Spruce fireplace mantel shelf #10, Sitka Spruce timber mantel #11, Sitka Spruce fireplace mantle #12, Fireplace Mantels #13.

Second Growth Cedar:  Cedar fireplace mantel #13, Wood fireplace mantel #20.