Much of our wood for mantels has been reclaimed and/or salvaged from existing supplies.

An example is the old growth Western Red Cedar that has been on the ground for 50-100 years and now has been salvaged/recycled to produce a wonderfully rich and warm wood to use as fireplace mantels, as well as in other areas of our homes – furniture, wall coverings, shelving, bar tops etc.

On another front, our mantel wood  can have an urban origin, when trees have outgrown their space in the neighborhood.  In these cases we have most likely been contacted by a home owner or tree specialist as to whether or not we can use the tree for timber mantels and  are willing to purchase it. In most cases we can use the offering and are appreciative of the opportunity to get it.

Whether or not it is salvaged, recycled, or reclaimed, the wood we use for our mantels has been re-purposed in a new and responsible fashion.

Salvaged Old Growth Cedar   IMGP0713

Salvaged Old Growth Cedar Logs