Our video displaying the studio/shop is now available. Our thanks to Lange Solberg and his company of Bristol Bay Productions. His very professional and down to earth approach from writing the script to final production was a pleasure. We are going to do more when his schedule will allow.

I am thinking that the next “episode” of mantel art will follow the lines of “why are there cracks in some of your mantels”. We will follow very closely the cutting of the mantel to finish with slow closeups of the existing cracks/checks and how they are treated in the finishing process.

We work at preserving the cracks, dips, holes, knots, bruises etc. This is part of the splendor that so very accurately shows nature at her finest. No one can argue the sensuality of a natural piece of Western Red Cedar, Pacific Yew,or Juniper. They are part of the natural wonder of wood.