I haven’t had the Juniper for very long. It seems that when I have shown it to customers, with its unique look, it has gotten rave reviews.

It is a lighter wood on the outside with some dark spots where the knots are located. The knot area is also concaved. It reminds me of a larger Diamond Willow tree. You may have seen the willow in a walking stick.  The Juniper is characterized by ribs and waves in the outer layers. It is soft, smooth and quite “showey”. The heart wood is very unusual in that it has no set pattern. It looks like a pallet of three differing colors just after you would begin to stir.

Hopefully from the pictures below you can get an idea of why I am pleased to have it as one more possible piece of natural art.

Please ask and I will be happy to send more pictures of Juniper mantels (mantles) in both the beam and 1/2 round log look.