It is time for some type of celebration. Phyllis and myself have been offering our natural pieces of art (wood mantels) and other assorted wood items for TEN years. We started soon after “retreading” from the handcrafted log home business.

It has been a learning curve from day one to now and hopefully will continue.

The marketing aspect of our presence on the internet is for ever changing. It requires due diligence (time) that is hard to come by when you or we are a ma and pa business. Much of our time is finding resources and producing and shipping our “natural art”.

Early on it became quite apparent that we needed expertise for the optimizing of our site. We wanted our potential customers to locate us as they searched the web.

From this we formed a relationship with Whatcom Web, an internet marketing and SEO company.  One of the brighter and rewarding moves we have made in the last ten years. Even through the economic down turn, Gary at Whatcom Web, has kept us vital in the search of wood mantelsrustic mantelslog mantels, and many other related search terms to help potential clients find our services.

When we started our first business in 1984 I remember reading a book that gave the advice of the first thing to do was locate a good accountant, banker, and attorney. Great advice. Now it is very important to add a person that is a master at SEO. Thank you Gary!!!