Today I was informed by a customer that he searched for us using the term “mantel shelf”. He got  a number of sites that showed the complete surround style when he searched just “mantels”.

I am happy that he found us and that we are able to provide him with a Cedar fireplace mantel shelf. I suppose that the term “mantel shelves” or “mantle shelves” would work easily as well.

Also I need to add that we have crafted some Pacific Yew fireplace mantel surrounds. It was accomplished by adding beam legs as supports to the custom wood mantel shelf.

They are stunning and if you would like to see pictures you need only ask.

If you would like to see one of our cedar mantel shelves and if you live in the Bellingham, Washington area you can go and see our friends at At their website you will find an address for the brick and mortar. Their display room is outstanding……good people! If you would like to visit us, at our shop, then give a call and I will give you directions for your drive to the “up river” area.

Enjoy the week!