I am often asked…"how does it work"? Well this is one way. If you see a picture or two of a mantel that might work for you or if you have questions about wood, finish, shipping, costs, etc. just pick up your phone and give me a call on my toll free number 1-877-826-3414. If I am unable to answer your call immediately you can be sure I will call as soon as possible.

After doing a few hundred mantels and/or corbel supports it has become apparent that most of you want to discuss specific aspects of your project as it relates to mantel selection.

I love it! I get to speak with folks from all around the U.S. and Canada weekly.

Once I know what type of mantel interests you I will take a couple pieces, shoot some pictures and email them to you for your review. The piece you ultimately select will then be cut and finished to just how you might like it. If it isn't I will make another.

We have done some very unique projects so do not hesitate to challenge us….