How do I hang my mantel and do I need to use corbels(supports) if I do not want them?

The main reason I do not go into the "how to" in print is because there are so many variations. Some are using metal studs in new construction, some are retro fitting to an existing fireplace, some are doing an outside fireplace, etc. I would be writing for a long time to cover all the variations I have dealt with thus far.

Please feel that it is just fine to call me on my toll free no. of 1-877-826-3414 and we can discuss, at length, your specific issues of getting your mantel shelf in place.

It is not necessary to use corbels to hang your mantel. Some prefer to hang the mantle by itself as though it eminates from the rock or brick. We can discuss your options once I have a grasp of your particulars.

The added benefit, to me is that I get to have a feel for the project, design, "look" you are after. I enjoy knowing as we are cutting and finishing YOUR piece of natural art.