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  • Pacific Yew Mantels

    Pacific Yew Wood Mantel

    Gorgeous and intriguing, Pacific Yew has everything for the person who enjoys wood “character”! It can be sanded to a smooth finish that feels “soft” to the touch. It is heavy and dense.

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  • Juniper Mantels

    Juniper Wood Mantel

    Multiple colors in the heartwood and many recessed limbs that provide an “eye” appearance on the face. Juniper can be as contorted as you might desire or somewhat more on the plain side. Dark stripes in some pieces will finish in a burgundy tone.

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  • Second Growth Cedar Mantels

    Second Growth Cedar Wood Mantel

    A very warm and light wood that continues in the tradition of the pacific northwest, Western Red Cedar but with a unique “look” of its own. Plenty of good “knotty” character.

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  • Old Growth Cedar Mantels

    Old Growth Cedar Wood Mantel

    Western Red Cedar (old growth) is a remarkable wood that we are “rediscovering” and salvaging from areas where it has been lying for years. With a bit of sanding and cleaning the results are… well, the pictures tell all!

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  • Sculptures, Tables and Bowls

    Sculptures, Tables and Bowls

    On occasion we have requests to provide other pieces of “natural art”. If you see something of interest or if it sparks a creative thought and you would like us to help please call 1-877-826-3414 and maybe together we can pull it off!

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  • Timber Mantels In Place

    Timber Mantels
    We are very pleased to now offer, thanks to our previous customers, pictures of their Timbermantels in their homes. Very creative indeed! It is a pleasure to have played a small role in their “creation” displaying their choice of natural art.

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