These are old growth Douglas Fir planks that measure approximately 12′ x 18-20” x 4” thick. They will finish in the lighter tones and make wonderful counter/bartops.

In the one picture is my “old salty dog” friend since being kids, Reidar Solberg. He and his wife Linda and their son Lange are important, good friends. They like many of us have a close tie to wood and all that it has to offer, not only as structural pieces but what it is as it relates to us emotionally through our family histories.

At one time I left the Pacific Northwest and lived in Minnesota and Missouri for 13 years.  I had not been back for some time and I remember coming up the road in a car with the windows down and being overwhelmed with the strong smell of the evergreen trees and how it stimulated many “tree/wood” memories.

Reidar, like many of our friends and families have combined a working life of wood and fish. This year Reidar will once again fish in Bristol Bay Alaska where he has fished for 50 YEARS!

Now that is a “salty dog” that smells of fish and of course wood!

Happy New Year. The years seem to be going faster. What’s that all about??