Timber Mantels creates Rustic Fireplace Mantels from a variety of woods including Cedar, Pacific Yew and Juniper.

Rustic Fireplace Mantels Inspired by Nature - In the Style of the Arts


Reclaimed and Salvaged Wood for Timber Mantels

Much of our wood for mantels has been reclaimed and/or salvaged from existing supplies. An example is the old growth Western Red Cedar that has been on the ground for 50-100 years and now has been salvaged/recycled to produce a wonderfully rich and warm wood to use as fireplace mantels, as well as in other [...]

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Ten Years of Growing and Needing More Space

Pole construction underway We have added on again !  Now we have more storage space to ensure the timber mantel stock stays clean and dry, and is easily accessible.  We can now move wood for the fireplace mantels from the inventory end of the building, through the milling & sanding areas, and on [...]

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Some of our customers have chosen to have a simple staining process applied to darken or otherwise change the color of their timber mantel. One picture is the Pacific Yew rustic mantel that is partially stained to show the difference in color. The other picture is of two contrasting pieces of Old Growth Western Red [...]

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Our Mantel Shop and Studio

Our video displaying the studio/shop is now available. Our thanks to Lange Solberg and his company of Bristol Bay Productions. His very professional and down to earth approach from writing the script to final production was a pleasure. We are going to do more when his schedule will allow. I am thinking that the next [...]

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Rustic Log Mantel YouTube Videos Coming Soon

Some of our customers have requested a closer look at our shop and the mantel production steps. So we are in the process of putting together some short YouTube videos that will follow the process of our logs becoming mantels. I will be showing you our log yard, mill, mantel storage area, production steps, finishing and packaging [...]

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Timber Tree House for Cats

Occasionally we get requests from wood-lovers for some fun and unique projects.  These folks wanted something different for their cat tree - we just finished crafting this from Juniper wood and Pacific Yew.  We have yet to hear how the cats like it!

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Natural wooden fireplace mantels

I will most likely die with shavings/sawdust in my pant cuffs. Having a shop and tools left over from our log home business has given me the perfect space to saw logs and sand away on our fireplace mantels. May sound odd but I am enjoying doing a little as possible to the mantels so [...]

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