Timber Mantels creates Rustic Fireplace Mantels from a variety of woods including Cedar, Pacific Yew and Juniper.

Rustic Fireplace Mantels Inspired by Nature - In the Style of the Arts


Over -The -Years

After ten years of doing mantels I now wish I had kept better notes of past phone conversations I have enjoyed with probably(guesstimate) 90% of our friends that have purchased a mantel and/ or other wood item from us. Reason being in that the conversations have ranged from "how to do items," local weather, family, [...]

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Oso Landslide a Heart Breaker

In the past few days we have been reminded once again how important friends, family and community are to all of us. The horrific slide that has occurred near the town of Oso has decimated the homes and lives of many of our neighbors in the Stillaguamish river valley. Our hearts and thoughts are with [...]

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My SEO Experience For Timbermantels

It is time for some type of celebration. Phyllis and myself have been offering our natural pieces of art (wood mantels) and other assorted wood items for TEN years. We started soon after "retreading" from the handcrafted log home business. It has been a learning curve from day one to now and hopefully will continue. [...]

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Very Kind Words on Finished Pacific Yew Mantel

Thank you Dean!! Founders Hall Lodge Whispering Winds Camp Julian, CA The mantle you made for us is the talk of the camp. Everyone who see's it is taken with it's beauty. What a magnificent piece of wood. The photo attached is of the foyer and fireplace taken during November and a few pictures taken [...]

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Silver Beach Brewery

Just so everyone is aware.....we do not spend all of our time on mantels. In some of our more leisure moments we can be found at the Silver Beach brewery which is also known as Dougs Mancave. Doug has allowed us to put some of our mantel stock to good use in the stand up [...]

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Another Good Friend that loves wood

Just a quick note to let you all know about our new friends at Specialty Built Construction. From Feb. 14 to 22 they will be at the Seattle Home show. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Rick and have been introduced to his recent home/building projects. I must say that I am very impressed on [...]

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What a Summer/Fall

I am so very pleased with the requests that you have sent our way during the past few months. As we move into the gray, gloomy northwest weather it is time to kick the stove into gear and warm the shop. It is also time to renew our relationship with our friends at MindFly and bring, to you, new [...]

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Boat works by friends

I have a picture that occasionally shows on our homepage, of a row boat that we are so proud to be able to enjoy. As I stated in the caption....it was built with a number of different types of wood from our mantel shop at Timbermantels.  These "scraps" so to speak are Pacific Yew, old growth [...]

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Mantel Shelf

Today I was informed by a customer that he searched for us using the term "mantel shelf". He got  a number of sites that showed the complete surround style when he searched just "mantels". I am happy that he found us and that we are able to provide him with a Cedar fireplace mantel shelf. I [...]

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Wild Wood Forge

One of the perks of creating custom fireplace mantels is the opportunity to collaborate with artisans working with other materials. When one of our customers asks for specific designs regarding their corbels and if the request is to be created in metal then we turn to our good friend---Ken Williams at www.wildwoodforge.com . Ken has [...]

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