I have a picture that occasionally shows on our homepage, of a row boat that we are so proud to be able to enjoy. As I stated in the caption….it was built with a number of different types of wood from our mantel shop at Timbermantels.

 These "scraps" so to speak are Pacific Yew, old growth Western Red Cedar, Black Walnut, Oak, Alaska Cedar(yellow cedar), old growth Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce and a sheet of plywood. This was accomplished by a seasoned wooden boat builder by the name of Eric Friberg that lives in Bellingham, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. If you enjoy the comfort and warmth of wood and the special skill it takes to assemble it in such a fashion so as to float and row then you will enjoy visiting our friends site at www.northfjordboats.com  Erics craft is something to enjoy and of course purchase!!

The continued use of the unused mantel wood for special projects by other artisans is especially rewarding for us. You never know who we may find digging in our wood bin for that special piece.    It may be YOU!!

Another group that has been and is so helpful in sending some of you to us are the folks at www.homeexpo.com