Timber Mantels creates Rustic Fireplace Mantels from a variety of woods including Cedar, Pacific Yew and Juniper.

Rustic Fireplace Mantels Inspired by Nature - In the Style of the Arts


Train Wreck Cedar Bar

We have had the wonderful pleasure of providing some of our TimberMantel old growth Western Red Cedar for the back bar at the Train Wreck bar and eatery in Burlington, Washington located in the beautiful Skagit Valley.      The size of the overhead beam is  12''x 12"x 22'. The timber bartop is 19' x 30'' [...]

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Reclaimed and Salvaged Wood for Timber Mantels

Much of our wood for mantels has been reclaimed and/or salvaged from existing supplies. An example is the old growth Western Red Cedar that has been on the ground for 50-100 years and now has been salvaged/recycled to produce a wonderfully rich and warm wood to use as fireplace mantels, as well as in other [...]

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Ten Years of Growing and Needing More Space

Pole construction underway We have added on again !  Now we have more storage space to ensure the timber mantel stock stays clean and dry, and is easily accessible.  We can now move wood for the fireplace mantels from the inventory end of the building, through the milling & sanding areas, and on [...]

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Over -The -Years

After ten years of doing mantels I now wish I had kept better notes of past phone conversations I have enjoyed with probably(guesstimate) 90% of our friends that have purchased a mantel and/ or other wood item from us. Reason being in that the conversations have ranged from "how to do items," local weather, family, [...]

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Oso Landslide a Heart Breaker

In the past few days we have been reminded once again how important friends, family and community are to all of us. The horrific slide that has occurred near the town of Oso has decimated the homes and lives of many of our neighbors in the Stillaguamish river valley. Our hearts and thoughts are with [...]

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How Thick Should My Mantel Be?

This question comes up quite often and there is no one answer. However it can be answered by considering some of the following. How big is the room? How high is the ceiling? Are there larger beams in the room? Is the stone present itself as large to the room? How tall is the fireplace [...]

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Incredible Juniper Mantels

One Juniper log that is 8' long and approx 20'' in diameter... This rustic mantel has some of the most unusual character of any that we have seen in the past few years! Our "Go Packers" client asked that the original log be split in two so that both pieces could be added to his [...]

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Some of our customers have chosen to have a simple staining process applied to darken or otherwise change the color of their timber mantel. One picture is the Pacific Yew rustic mantel that is partially stained to show the difference in color. The other picture is of two contrasting pieces of Old Growth Western Red [...]

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