Pacific Yew Mantel - Before 1

Pacific Yew Mantel - After 1

Pacific Yew Mantel - Before 2

Pacific Yew Mantel - After 2


You can see from the pictures the enjoyment that we get from watching a piece “come alive” as we sand and finish a piece of “natural art”.

When you call us and begin the process of selecting a piece for your home we begin by showing you pieces in the before stage. It is difficult to imagine the beauty that lies within the crusty surface wood.

This makes it difficult to select a piece on your end but we will not deceive you in describing what we think the piece will look like when finished.

If it does not finish the way you thought then we will do another.

I have to say that this has happened very few times in 1800 or so mantels.

So give us a call and we will help you shop!!!