Every once in a while we are lucky enough to uncover natures wonder in wood.

This Pacific Yew mantel(mantle) with Yew corbels/supports is being shipped to our customers with a great deal of delight on our part. It is so rewarding to put three pieces together, like these, that are meant to be.

We feel privileged to participate in providing a piece of nature for our customers. Especially when we know it will bring pleasure and warmth to their home and they are kind enough to share their thoughts with us……..

“They really look good together-it really completes the look I was after when you see the corbels with the mantel. Every piece of wood must be a surprise for you  when you cut it! I love it and I am so pleased to have something unique- we have spent so much time customizing our home to our tastes and details like this make all the difference.”
Joe & Lorelei P.
Sask., Can.

Makes my day!!


Pacific Yew Wood Mantel Shelf with Corbels